Hanggang Sa Muli (Post-Mother’s Day Entry)

Madilim ng langit at kay lamig ng hangin;

Waring nagbabadya ng bagyong paparating.

May hinapuhap ang aking mga mata;

Ang aking mga matang may bakas pa ng luha.


Ulo’y napayukayok.

Hinagpis ay abot langit.

Pighati’y di marurok.

Ilang taon na nga ba ng ika’y lumisan?

Ang dalampung taon ay kay bilis na lumipas.

Ilang taon na nga simula ng magpaalam?

Ang aking lungkot ay sadyang di maparam.

Sing’ dilim ng langit at sing’ lamig ng hangin;

Ang bawat araw na di kita kapiling.

Nakisama ang langit sa ‘king pangungulila;

Paalam na Inay. ‘Gang sa muling pagkikita.

The Best Things in Life are FREE!

For many years, I have thought that money can buy happiness. That we can find its true meaning from things that glitter – new clothes, new bags, new jewelries. And for many years, the proverb “All that glitters are not gold” has proven me wrong.

I remember when I was in my early twenties, I would always visit a mall to window shop when I was sad or depressed. I never went home empty handed. If it wasn’t the mall, I would visit a spa and have a relaxing back massage or a facial spa. I’d always find comfort in things like a new manicure, a new pair of shoes, unbranded bags or clothes, or even in a new headband! No matter how invaluable things were as long as I bought something for my self, I couldn’t care less. Then I’d feel happy. You know that wide smile you see on a child’s face when she finally got what she had been wanting for a long time? I’ve mastered that smile. My happiness, though, wouldn’t always last too long. At the end of the day, I was as empty as my pocket.

When our family migrated here in Singapore, I learned to value the things that cannot be seen or touched: a warm embrace, a short text message from our relatives in the Philippines saying “how are you?”, simple gatherings with friends. I only have few friends here whom I see most of the time. Some are so busy living their fast paced life catching up with their tight schedules. Some are not always around but you will feel their presence at times when you need them most. I don’t need to buy their time. They’re FREE.

I am learning to love the smell of the rain because the rain here is not as natural as it may seem. I am learning to love the company of silence and the chirping of the crows in the background. They give me a feeling of serenity. Our home is my comfort zone and I always find solitude in it. I don’t need to spend money and travel away from the city. A blissful, solitary moment is always close at hand.

I’m currently unemployed but I work more than 12 hours a day, 7x a week, as a mother and a housewife. I go to bed so effin’ tired most of the time. But knowing that my family is comfortable because I make sure there’s a satisfying food on the table, or they lie on fresh linen sheets, I feel great. Taking these things into account, I couldn’t be happier.

A month ago I celebrated my birthday. The third time here since we moved in this country. It’s just a small gathering and only a few close friends were invited, including a blogger friend whom I’ve been dying to meet personally because I only get to chat with her online. Our house was jam-packed and was filled with laughter from people who have met each other only that day. One friend even commented, “grabe ang saya ang birthday party mo… as in! feeling namin, matagal na naming ka chicka yung mga visitors mo.. hehehe.. saya saya!!! =)”. Although there were people who didn’t show up, some foods have gone bad, and I was left with a broken couch and a center table, I couldn’t compare the happiness I felt that very day. It’s beyond words. Immeasurable, if I may say.

I know now what matters most. I know now that…

It’s often true, right. Just forget about the price tags. :)

Let Me Draw Again

Drawing/sketching used to be my favorite hobby when I was young and persevering in the way that I could freely express my emotions through line art or just by doodling around. Each stroke of the pencil gave me a different kind of feeling, always inspired and bursting with emotions. I had a box full of art materials – watercolor, colored pencil, paintbrushes, palette. Modesty aside, I was good at it. Until I got bored and took this talent for granted.

I recall the time when friends would ask me to interpret their favorite songs. I would draw figures on a piece of illustration board based on the lyrics of the song. It could be lovers cuddling and romancing in a park or under the moonlight, or a man and a woman who separated ways. Aside from being a hobby, it also became my sort of livelihood. I’d sell my drawings for P15-P30 depending on the size of the illustration board. I used the money to buy baon and additional art materials. My nanay was so supportive of my passion that she would even go out of her way just to buy all the materials I needed. Sayang nga lang at wala na siya.

I’ve been wanting to start drawing again and I think it’s about time that I should give it another try. So I picked up my sketch pad and drew a few lines. I was planning to put up my own clothing line so I made sketches of females wearing my creations. But it didn’t stop there. I was so inspired that I attempted to draw a self-portrait by looking at my own image in a mirror. Yeah, I was hoping I could draw my self again from the mirror just like what I did back then. But gee, I guess I’m getting old and my hand’s a bit shaky now so I’m not sure if I was able to give justice to my drawing.

I finished the drawing after less than an hour and the idea of look-in-the-mirror-back-to-sketchpad-and-back-in-the-mirror left me dizzy and nauseous. That’s the reason behind that stiff smile and not because I was mimicking Monalisa’s smile! :P I had to make sure I didn’t miss a single detail pero parang di ko pa rin kamukha yung sketch ko. Anyhow, I’ll share it with you guys and I’ll let you decide whether it looks exactly like me. Be my judge. :P


*Pasensya na po. Wala akong makitang picture na kahawig ng reaksiyon ko dun sa self-portrait. Lahat nakabungisngis :)


Matapos naming pumirma ng kontrata sa Star Cinema para sa aming pag-okupa sa bago (pero lumang) flat ay nag-umpisa na rin ang aming paglilipat. Marami pang kailangang ayusin sa bahay kaya paunti-unti rin muna ang lipat ng mga gamit. Another thing is that we’re requested by our friend who also happens to be the main tenant of our previous flat to extend our stay while he waits for the IT show on Sept. 10-11 so he can apply for a new account and enjoy the freebies to be given away to patrons only on the said event. Si Gard kasi ang account holder ng aming internet connection kaya tangay din namin ito sa aming paglipat.

Honestly, nag-uumpisa na ang aking disappointment sa bagong bahay. Naturingan akong metikulosa pero di ko nagamit sa aspeto ng pagbusisi sa bahay. Marami kasi kaming na-discover na flaws: sira yung washing machine, hindi gumagana yung kitchen mini sink, sira yung heater, nawawala yung stove hose, lahat ng storage cabinets/room ay puno ng gamit nila which they promised to vacate bago kami lumipat. Added to insult is the unresponsive land owner whom I’ve been calling and texting several times pero über dedma talaga. Naibubuhos ko tuloy ang sama ng loob ko sa aming agent. But for the benefit of the doubt, we’re still giving them until tomorrow to fix everything before we totally move in on Thursday. Gusto ko kasing maayos na ang lahat bago ako umuwi ng Pinas.

Here are some of the photos of the house. Still a bit empty but as soon as we fix everything, I’ll take new photos. :)


Living Room


Master's Bedroom


Kitchen Area


Kid's Bedroom


Tumaya nga pala kami sa Toto (tawag sa Lotto dito). Umabot na kasi sa $1.5M ang premyo o tumataginting na mahigit P49M! Ilan lang kami sa mga libu-libong tao dito ang nagbabaka-sakali na manalo sa Toto. Sa taas ng standard of living dito, malaking tulong talaga ‘yun. Sana suwertehin kami kahit ilang numbers lang ang tumama. Marami na rin makikinabang nun. :)


Secret muna ang mga numero ha. Baka kasi mausog :)

Love begins at home and it’s not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action.  ~ Mother Teresa

5 Simple Rules To Be Happy


Because life indeed has become so fast-paced, there are little things we tend to ignore or take for granted. Like the sweet fragrance of a flower in the garden, the butterfly that flies freely in the air, the cool breezes that kiss our cheeks. So little and yet so precious that if we only give them much attention, they are enough to delight one’s heart. We seem to be unaware of their existence because we are so preoccupied thinking about how we can make our family and ourselves happy, forgetting that life has simple rules to be happy.

In this complex world where living a simple life is almost impossible, here are some words for us to reflect on to be able to achieve lasting happiness and create a meaningful life:


1. Free your heart from hatred—forgive.

Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself. When you forgive you are not only putting things behind you but also freeing yourself from hatred and pain. Being unable to forgive is like taking a poison continuously and slowly killing yourself from bitterness, grudge, anger. Guilt and hatred bring stress. Stress are killers. Forgiveness is about generating your own healing. When we hold on to pain, old grudges, bitterness, and even hatred, many areas of our lives can suffer. It’s we who pay the price over and over. We may bring our anger and bitterness into every relationship and new experience. Our lives may be so wrapped up that we can’t enjoy the present. The bottom line is that you may often feel miserable in your current life.

Forgiveness can be very challenging. It is a commitment to a process of change. It can be difficult and it can take time. It may be particularly hard to forgive someone who doesn’t admit wrong or doesn’t speak of their sorrow. But keep in mind that the key benefits of forgiveness are for you. Forgive and start changing yourself.

2. Free your mind from worries.

“In every life we have some trouble;
But when you worry, you make it double.
Don’t worry, be happy…”

We’re all familiar with the song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin. When we hear it playing on the radio, we sometimes can’t help sing along with the music. We feel the energy flowing in our veins in every note and for a moment, we are worry-free. But how do we keep ourselves from worrying too much?

People tend to worry about even the smallest things in life such as dress to wear for a certain occasion; necktie that will go best with the new long-sleeve polo; nail polish colors, or worry about loved ones, and etc. What we don’t know is that when we worry, we clutter our minds with stress and anxiety and start to create a worry-filled nest in our heads. We sometimes find it difficult to free our mind from worries because of our responsibilities and obligations. At times like this, remember to see God in our situation and look at this today from another standpoint. We may feel discomfort, or may not have food in our tables, or no single penny in our pocket. But put in mind that once upon a time, God was tested and was given a lot of things to worry about and yet, He remained calm and looked for His Father’s hand in every situation.

I saw this article on the net. This might help when you feel like worries and anxieties are creeping in you. Please click here and see the ways on how to deal with worries. Worrying too much is depriving yourself from being happy or stress-free. Don’t miss the fun.

3. Live Simply.

I know that most of us want to live a simple life. But only a few have the guts to walk their talk. Some still want the complexity and constant drama of their lives (parang ako lang) and have a hard time leaving behind their complicated but flamboyant lives, in exchange for a simple one. On the contrary, we don’t really need to leave our belongings and go straight to the mountains to live a plain and simple life. We just need to determine the things that complicate our lives and identify which of them we can possibly avoid. Buy what we ONLY need and not what we want. Yeah, I know. Easy to say, but definitely difficult to put into action.

Let’s try to observe this: Slow down a bit. Read a lot. Spend more quality time with your family and friends. Eat healthy, think wisely.

4. Give more.

We always want to live a meaningful life. We are generally happy when we are making a difference in the world. We feel pretty good inside and we feel the surge of joy and the passion to give more.

The quote “it’s better to give than to receive” is true if we learn to give selflessly, not only financially but also emotionally. A little act of kindness is more than a charity work. It’s an expression of love. And we will only experience that “special kind” of feeling if we give without expecting anything in return.

When I read the story of Dylan Wilks, the rich young Englishman who gave up his wealth to start improving the life of many poor families in the Philippines, I was moved. I didn’t realize that in the time where corruption is eminent, there are still people like him, out there who are willing to give unselfishly for the sake of other people. It’s not too late for us to do the same. We may not be able to build a house for the poor, but we can share our hearts to the people.

I don’t see it as a sacrifice. When you give charity out of pity, you feel pain parting with your money. But when you give charity because you love, you don’t feel that pain. You only feel the joy of giving to someone you love. That’s what I feel.” – Dylan Wilks (Interviewed by Bo Sanchez)

5. Expect less from people but from God.

Admit it or not, we tend to expect a lot from other people that we end up disappointing ourselves. Most of the time, we allow the opinions of others to control our lives, feeling desperate to please them. We neglect to see the fact that we’re putting a certain amount of pressure in us that if we fail to meet this goal, we become miserable. We become unreal.

Becoming real means accepting yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, acknowledging that in God’s eyes you’re a work-in-progress. It is not fair to expect another person to fix you, or change your life, or suddenly become who you want them to be in order to make you happy. That kind of behavior just causes stress and resentment, and an unhealthy dependency you’ll end up dealing with later. Remember that people aren’t your answer, God is. If He chooses to use a certain person to bless you, He’ll do it; if not He’ll use somebody else. So stop living with unrealistic expectations and ask God to help you live with His expectations.

Are you willing to follow these simple rules? :)

Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply,

to enjoy simply,

to think freely,

to risk life,

to be needed.

Bigger Than Any Mountain

The Climb by Miley Cyrus

How do you describe your life? Masaya ba ito, maingay na kulang ang 24-hours para sa mga happenings o gatherings? Magulo na animo’y isang karnabal, maraming clowns na nagpapasaya sa iyo pero kasiyahang superficial lang? O di kaya ay parang roller coaster na puno ng ups and downs? Halika, ikuwento mo.

mountainLahat tayo ay may hinaharap na struggles sa ating buhay. Along the road, we meet mountains one after the other that we need to climb to be able to get to the other side. Mayroong madaling akyatin na halos walang kahirap-hirap, mayroon namang napakahirap na magbibigay sa iyo ng mga galos at sugat. Kung mahina ang loob mo at ikaw ang klase ng tao na madaling sumuko, hindi mo kakayanin ang pag-akyat. Baka sa umpisa pa lang ay bumigay ka na. Hindi ka pa man nagsisimulang tumapak sa lupa ay tumatalikod ka na sa bundok na iyong aakyatin.

Mula ng magtake-over ako sa responsibilities ng isang pagiging “nanay” sa pamilya, maraming bundok na akong inakyat. I would always experience feelings of anxiety. Some were obvious, some were totally unnoticeable. Tulad nga ako ng isang payaso na makulit at nakangiti, pero sa likod nito ay may nakatagong lungkot. Nasanay na kasi ako na i-project ang sarili ko bilang babaeng strong ang personalidad, palatawa, masayahin. At sa mga pag-uusap natin maging sa personal o messenger ay pupunuin ko ng “ha-ha-ha” at “lol” ang usapan natin. Ito ang isa sa paraan ng pagharap ko sa mga aking mga problema. But I feel that, if I weren’t able to fulfill my dreams for my loved ones, babalik at babalik pa rin ang mga anxieties ko. Naging malaki rin ang naitulong ng blogging upang mailabas ko ang aking mga agam-agam. It will serve as a time capsule as I journey through life. Gayundin sa mga taong nakilala ko na sa blogosphere na nagsilbing inspirasyon at kaibigan.

mountain_climbSabi nga sa kanta ni Miley Cyrus, “there’s always gonna be an uphill battle… ain’t about how fast I get there; ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side. It’s the climb.” Ibig sabihin nasa atin nakasalalay kung paano ang gagawing pag-akyat sa bundok na masasalubong natin; kung ano ang mga paraan na gagamitin para malagpasan ang hirap, pagod at kapagalan ng katawan; kung paano natin pakakainin ang isip ng mga positibong ideya kapalit ng mga anxieties. Tuloy lang ang buhay ano mang pagsubok ang dumating sa atin. Lakas ng loob at talas ng pag-iisip ang labanan. Remember that there’s always gonna be another mountain, which may seem immovable. Our faith will be shaken and sometimes, we’ll be disappointed with the results of our own efforts. But what is important is we keep moving, we keep on taking chances and we keep our faith alive because our FAITH is bigger than any mountain.

God bless everyone!


The life of man is a struggle on earth.

But without a cross, without a struggle, we get nowhere.

The victory will be ours if we continue our efforts courageously, even when at times they appear futile.

Author: Boniface Wimmer

Paano Ba Ang Mangarap?

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

~ Harriet Tubman

Marami akong pangarap noong bata pa lamang ako. Gusto kong maging isang pintor, o kaya ay arkitekto. Gusto kong maging isang nurse o kaya ay doktor. Gusto kong maging singer o kaya ay isang dramatic actress. Gusto kong maging brodkaster o kaya ay isang field reporter.

Sabi ng mga kamag-anak ko ay ambisyosa raw ako dahil puro pang-mayaman ang mga karera na gusto kong abutin. Ambisyosa pero kung gugustuhin ko ay maaabot ko naman dahil ako raw ay “MATALINO”.

Naalala ko ang pelikula ni Vilma Santos na “Paano Ba Ang Mangarap?”. Hindi ko napanood ‘yung pelikula pero alam ko na kasama niya doon si Christopher de Leon at may remake sina Jennylyn Mercado at Mark Herras ngayon. Hindi ko rin alam ang istorya kaya please wag niyo akong tanungin, pero gusto kong subukang sagutin ang tanong. Ewan ko pero naisip ko, madali lang naman ang mangarap di ba? Kung tutuusin lahat ng tao ay kayang mangarap. Uupo ka lang sa isang tabi at titingin sa langit at saka mo sasambitin kung ano ang pangarap mo sa buhay, tapos ‘yun na. Maging ang batang paslit ay may mumunting pangarap na maging isang guro sa kanyang paglaki o kaya ay Cinderella; anuman ang lahi at estado sa buhay ay may ninanais na marating at maabot kahit na mukha pa itong imposible. Sabi nga, LIBRE LANG naman ANG MANGARAP kaya kung mangangarap ka rin lang ay taas-taasan mo na. Huwag mong pakinggan ang mga taong sumusuway sa iyo. Buhay at pangarap mo naman yan. ‘Yun nga lang, kung paano mo ito tutuparin, iyon ang dapat mong pag-isipan dahil dito na magsisimula ang pagsuong sa mabatong landasin patungo sa iyong pangarap.

Isang malaking disappointment para kay tatay at sa aking mga kamag-anak ang pag-aasawa ko ng maaga. Ako kasi ang inaasahan nilang mag-aahon sa aming pamilya mula sa pagkalugmok nito sa kahirapan. Nagkasunud-sunod ang trahedya sa aming buhay at ako ang inakala nilang saving grace. Iyon ang pangarap ng mga kamag-anak ko para sa aming pamilya na sa tingin nila ay ako ang sumira. Ganun rin naman ang aking adhikain. Bilang panganay ay ipinangako ko sa sarili na pipilitin kong ilagay sa ayos ang aming kalagayan. Pinangarap kong mabigyan si tatay at ang aking mga kapatid ng magandang pamumuhay sa kabila ng aming mga pinagdaraanang pagsubok. Alam kong batid na nila ngayon iyon. Kaya nga ako nandito sa Singapore upang sumugal na rin dahil alam kong walang mararating ang kakarampot na kikitain ko sa Pinas. Isang pasasalamat na maunawain si Gard sa aking sitwasyon at patuloy na tumutulong upang matupad ko ang mga nais ko para kina tatay.

Binalikan ko ang lahat ng mga naging pangarap ko noon… ni isa pala ay wala akong narating. Nauwi lang pala sa kusot ang mga binulong ko sa bituin. Tunay na ang pagrerebelde ay walang matinong mararating kungdi ang daan patungo sa EDSA at Mendiola.

Sa aming magkakapatid, ako ang may pinakamaayos na buhay may-asawa. Maalwan ang aming pamumuhay at nakasisiguro sa kinabukasan ng aming mga anak. Kaya siguro bilang isang ate ay masakit sa aking loob na makitang hindi ko nagabayan ang aking mga kapatid. Ni isa sa amin ay walang nakapagtapos ng kolehiyo. Isang malaking kabiguan para sa aming magulang na nagsikap na maituwid ang aming landas.

Marami pa rin akong pangarap sa buhay kahit ako ay hindi na bata. Pero hindi ko na gustong maging isang doktor, o arkitekto, o isang sikat na artista o brodkaster. Matanda na siguro ako para doon at napaglipasan na ng panahon. Mahabang oras ang muli kong bubunuhin sa pag-aaral. Gayunpaman ay buo pa rin ang pangarap ko para kina tatay. Hanggang sa pagtulog ay dinadalangin ko pa rin na maisakatuparan ko iyon bago man lamang dumating sa takipsilim ang kanyang buhay. Ang pangarap na mabigyan siya ng isang maayos na pamahingahan sa panahon ng tag-init; matibay na kublihan sa panahon ng tag-ulan; masarap na almusal, at masustansyang tanghalian at hapunan. Ang pangarap na marating niya ang lugar kung nasaan ako ngayon at magbiyahe hindi dahil sa trabaho kungdi bilang isang regalo sa kanyang mga naging pagsisikap. Matatag pa rin ang loob ko na makakatulong pa rin ako sa aking mga kapatid sa kahit na anong paraan, maliit man o malaki. Gusto kong maranasan din nila ang mamuhay ng maayos at masagana kasama ng aking buong pamilya.

Paano nga ba ang mangarap? Madali lang at libre pa nga. Pero kung mangangarap ka, dapat ay GUSTO mo at hindi PARANG GUSTO mo lang. Dahil ang salitang GUSTO ang magbibigay sayo ng motibasyon para kumilos. At siguraduhin mong gusto mo rin itong tuparin at pagsisikapan mong abutin dahil ang ibinulong mo sa langit ay ibibigay sa’yo ng nasa Itaas kung sasabayan mo ng sikap at tiyaga. Naniniwala ako doon gaya ng paniniwala ko na sasamahan pa Niya ito ng isandaang porsyentong lakas.

I have learned, that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

~ Henry David Thoreau


*Isang pagbubukas din ang ang naging pakontes ni kaibigang Otep upang muli kong ma-analisa ang mga pangarap ko sa buhay maging ng iba pang bloggers. Hindi man manalo ang entry na ito, sa isang banda ay nakatulong sa akin ito upang lalo ko pang pagsikapang abutin ang nais ko para sa aking pamilya.

A Not So “New Look”

Kamusta na kayo?

Pasensya na po kung medyo napatagal ang aking pagkawala. Actually, blangko lang talaga ang utak ko nitong mga nakalipas na araw at wala akong maisip na topic na pwede kong ibahagi sa inyo. Dala na rin marahil ng pagiging abala ko sa aking job hunting at sa pabagu-bagong takbo ng panahon na nagpapasama ngayon sa aking pakiramdam kaya ang aking brain cells ay pawang humihingi na rin ng time-out. Huwag kayong mag-alala at ako ay negatibo sa H1N1 virus o swine flu kahit na nagkaroon na rin ng isang confirmed case dito sa SG. Gayunman ay ibayo pa rin ang aming pag-iingat at sana ay gayun din kayo saan man panig ng mundo.

Temporarily ay iniwan ko ang blogosperyo pero ako po ay dumadalaw pa rin ng manaka-naka sa inyong mga site at nagbabasa. Pasensya na lang po kung hindi ako gaanong nakakapag-iwan ng bakas dahil ewan ko ba kung bakit ang hina ng comprehension ko ngayon. Kailangan ko pang basahin ng paulit-ulit ang ilang entries para lang makuha ko ang nais nitong iparating. Kulang lang siguro ako sa s… syrup para sa aking makulit na ubo. :D

Kung napansin ninyo ay may ilang nabago sa aking bahay (uy, biglang kinilatis ang page ko…). Nagbago na ang aking header. Nawala ang aking tag cloud at na-update ang category list ko. Nagkaroon na rin ako ng munting decoration sa itaas at ibaba ng aking sidebar at naglaho na rin ang aking blogroll.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Nawala na ang aking magandang picture (wag na kayong umangal). Nag-disappear na rin ang makulit na alien/kengkoy na madalas bumulaga sa inyo. Ito ang aking pansamantalang pinagkaabalahan ng mga nakalipas na araw, ang pagde-decorate ng aking tahanan. Inaagiw na kasi dahil hindi ko nabisita ng ilang araw. Dala pa rin ng maraming restrictions sa WP kaya iyan lang ang kaya kong gawin. At huwag po kayong mag-alala dahil hindi tuluyang nawala ang aking blogroll. Dahil importante kayo sa akin ay iginawa ko na rin ng sariling page ang lahat ng nasa blog roll ko na tinawag kong “My Roll of Cakes“.

Picture 3

Sabi ko nga di ba you deserve a spot on this page, and I consider this site as my home and you are my guests.

Another day is over. Bukas ay sasabak ulit ako sa paghahanap ng trabaho. Kahit friday na dapat walang hinto. In between breaks (parang office girl na ah) ay dadalaw ako sa inyong mga bahay at pipilitin ko na mag-iwan na ng bakas. Oo nga pala, salamat kay Karen sa madalas na pagta-tag sa akin kahit na madalang ako makadalaw sa kanyang bahay. Thanks Karen for being a sweet lady! At salamat din po sa mga dumadalaw pa rin sa aking bahay kahit na walang bagong mababasa. Pagtiyagaan niyo na lang muna ang nasa aking archives at malapit na ulit akong maging aktibo.

Hanggang sa muli po! :)

Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest.
~Henry Van Dyke


It’s Too Damn Late

It was 18 years ago when I last saw you. Chubby, vibrant and so full of life. You’re sociable you’ve made a lot of friends, old and young alike. That’s why you were envied by most, too.

I remember the sound of your laugh, especially when you’re teasing your friends. Makulit ka rin kasi na tulad ko. I remember the day you fought with our neighbor, that woman who used to own a sari-sari store. You fought with her because she scolded me when I bought the wrong laundry soap. I remember the night you waited for me at the school’s main gate. That was the night of my prom and you asked me to come home before 10 P.M. I remember your voice when you’re angry, and we’re all scared. Whenever you called me by my full name, I knew you were already mad and I had to run towards you as fast as I could. I remember every hit of Tatay’s belt on my skin. That was your favorite tool and the marks would usually stay until the next day.

I remember the time when the strongest earthquake hit our country in July 1990. You helped bring some of your colleagues to the hospital because they collapsed due to shock. A few weeks after, you got sick. I remember how stupid I was for ignoring all the signs; how ungrateful I was for leaving your side when you had fever. I remember how you would softly call me “anak“, because you wanted me to comb your hair so I would see your falling hair. I remember the day you showed me your bruises all over your body. All black and blue. I asked you why and you just said you need to be hospitalized. I was 15 and naive, I didn’t ask further. I remember the day you asked me to be at your side when you see the doctor. You wanted me to hear every word he’d say. I thought you’re just overreacting so I didn’t listen. If only I knew, I’d stay and held your hand tightly. You were a picture of a strong person despite your illness kaya hindi ako natakot o nangamba. I remember the day you were brought to the hospital, you were crying to tatay and you said you couldn’t see anymore. You were fighting for your life for four long days. My siblings and I were not allowed in the hospital. All we could do is to listen to our relatives’ conversations. Until one day, one of our neighbors picked us up at home. She was crying while we’re heading to the hospital. And when we were stopped by the hospital’s security guard, I heard her murmured “Malubha na lagay ng nanay nito. Kailangan na silang makita“. I got scared, not realizing that my hands were all shaky. I began to cry and when we reached your room, all your friends and our relatives were there, weeping. Your nanay was there, too, and she was was wailing hard. Yeah, your best friend was also there, not leaving your side. She was crying too and she was holding your hand. At the time, I wished I was her. She asked me to come near you and talk to you, whisper anything in your ear. Hindi ka na daw kasi makapagsalita. You wouldn’t open your eyes. Sabi niya pa, you’ve been asking for me since you got to the hospital. You were telling stories about me and my stubborness; how much you loved me and my siblings. Inilaglag mo ako ng bonggang-bongga. Gusto ko sanang mainis sa’yo pero hindi ko nagawa. So I sat beside you and whispered, “Nanay, eto na ako. Si Enjoy.” I saw how you were trying to open your eyes, and when you saw me, tears fell down from your eyes. Exactly one month after the earthquake, you gave up fighting. I couldn’t forget the people who cried because they lost a very special friend. I couldn’t forget tatay’s face because she lost not only a wife but also a friend. I couldn’t forget how hurt my siblings were because we lost a mother. I couldn’t forget the number of people who attended your burial. You were like a celebrity! That day I realized how much you were loved. Most especially, I couldn’t forget your smile when you heard my voice despite the agony that you’re experiencing.

I miss you Nanay… so much. Kung kaya ko lang ibalik ang oras and be a good daughter to you, I would. But it’s too late. It’s too damn late.




Minsan dumarating sa buhay mo ‘yung mga pagkakataon na naguguluhan ka at nagda-dalawang isip kung tama ba o mali yung ginawa mong desisyon. Gusto mong bawiin pero huli na, nagbitiw ka na ng salita; nagdesisyon ka na. Maiiwan ka sa sitwasyon na alam mong ikaw ang maiipit at dehado. Pero wala kang choice kasi dalawa lang naman ang kalalabasan ng susunod mong aksyon; (1) babawi ka para maituwid mo ang lahat, pero may siguradong masasaktan at matatapakan o (2) papanindigan mo ang desisyon mo at mag-suffer sa magiging consequence nito. Alin man sa dalawa ang piliin mo, alam mong hindi ka magiging masaya.

Minsan naiisip ko, masarap siguro ‘yung may power kang i-predict ang future. Alam mo na agad kung tama o mali ‘yung mga gagawin mong hakbang at mabibigyan ka ng warning para baguhin mo ang nasa isip mo ngayon. Masarap sigurong maging tulad ni Isaac Mendez ng Heroes na may kakayahang ipinta ang future. Ang mga pinta niya ang naging daan upang mailigtas ang buhay ng cheerleader na nakatakda sanang mamatay. O di kaya ang power ni Hiro Nakamura na kayang mag-travel through time. Pupunta ka sa future para malaman ang outcome ng aksyon mo, at babalik ka sa past para baguhin ito. Sana may totoong mga Heroes na tutulong s’yo sa paggawa mo ng desisyon. Sana may powers tayo na katulad nang sa kanila para maituwid ang tama at mabawasan ang mali. Pero mas pinili ng Dios na maging simple lang ang power ng mga tao. Ito ay ang power na gamitin ang utak sa pamamagitan ng lohikal na pag-iisip at pag-aanalisa ng sitwasyon. Para kung magkamali man tayo, matutunan nating bumangon, mag-move on at bumaling sa Kanya. Dahil wala pang nagsisi sa unahan. Lahat ay nasa hulihan.


Hindi madali ang maiwan sa gitna ng daan at pumili kung sa kaliwa o sa kanan ka ba daraan. Mahirap ang mapunta sa crossroad. Walang kasiguruhan. Ang minsang akala nating tama, lumalabas na mali rin pala. Ang akala mong safe, delikado pala. Kung ma-encounter mo man ito, sana makapag-isip ka nang tama bago ka magbitiw ng salita at gumawa ng hakbang. Iyon bang nasa maayos kang disposisyon – hindi lito, gutom, lasing, o bangag – para sigurado ka sa mga sasabihin mo at wala kang pagsisisihan.

Dahil mahirap ang magsisi sa huli.

More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.

Repost: Kontrabida

Pagdamutan niyo muna ito habang ako ay namamahinga pa rin. A repost from my old account :)


It really doesn’t matter whether it’s the villain or the hero. Sometimes the villain is the most colorful. But I prefer a part where you don’t know what he is until the end.
~ Glenn Ford

Hindi talaga kumpleto ang buhay kapag walang kontrabida. Eto raw ang nagpapasarap sa bawat yugto at eksena ng buhay mo. Kumbaga, kung may tamis dapat ay may asim din. Ano nga naman ang saysay ng isang pelikula kung puro bida lang? E di para lang siyang naglaro ng baril-barilan mag-isa? Ang okray di ba?

Nagpakulay ako ng buhok kahapon sa isang salon na malapit sa amin. Habang prenteng naghihintay na magkulay pula ang medyo brown kong buhok, isang maanghang na panlalait ang pumailanlang sa apat na sulok ng parlor. OMG! Nilalait ng isang kustomer at ng isa sa may-ari ng salon ang isa mga bading na beautician. Evils!

May-ari: Eh kasi naman bumili ng damit hindi naman bagay sa kanya.

Customer: Oo nga. Ang pangit niyang bading noh! Lalaking-lalaki yung itsura niya.

May-ari: Assistant nga siya ng partner ko (tomboy ang may-ari) bukas para mag-ayos sa kasal. Ayaw sa kanya nung bride. Di raw siya kagandahan.

Customer: Ay talaga naman noh! Mukha siyang kabayo! Naku ang sagwa talaga ng mukha niya.

Hay, nakakaawang bading. Buti na lang at umalis sandali ‘yung pobre kaya naman nagkaroon ng pagkakataon ang mga kontrabida na manlait at mang-api. Mahihiyang lumapit ang sinumang may masagwang mukha sa dalawang ito, lalo na sa aleng kustomer na simbaho ng imburnal ang amoy ng bunganga. Mukhang nakalimutan yatang mag-sepilyo ng isang buwan kaya naman mamamatay sa baho ang mabugahan ng kanyang hininga. Sana man lang nag-mouthwash kahit paano si manang o di kaya ay sinubukan niya munang tumingin sa salamin bago sinilaban sa apoy ang kapwa nya. Nakakaloka!!!

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Another Random Thoughts

Ilang beses ko nang paulit-ulit na binubuksan ang aking account para magtangkang bumuo ng isang entry. Paulit-ulit ngunit wala pa rin akong maisip na tema. Dapat nga ay refreshed ako ngayon dahil na rin sa ilang araw na pananahimik at pagmumuni-muni. Dapat ay mas marami akong maibabahaging kuwento dahil na rin sa mga ilang pangyayaring naganap nitong mga nakalipas na araw. Pero eto ako ngayon at parang pipi na walang boses maging sa pagsusulat.

words_by_coolvamp007Dumarating talaga tayo sa puntong ganito ano? ‘Yung wala kang mabuong salita sa libu-libong mga letra na nagkalat sa iyong utak. Your mind is cluttered but you can’t even find a way to unclutter it. Andami mong gustong sabihin pero hindi mo alam kung saan at paano ka mag-uumpisa. Kung period ba o exclamation point ang gagamitin mong punctuation mark; kung pasigaw ba o pabulong ang magiging pagbigkas mo; kung magiging diplomatiko ka ba o agresibo. It’s not what we say, but how we say things that makes a difference. Kaya andun yung fear na baka ma-misinterpret ang sasabihin mo dahil absent ka nang i-discuss noon sa English class mo ang intonation.


Do not speak unless you can improve the silence.

Ngayon ko narealize na masarap i-enjoy yung panandaliang katahimikan. Dati takot ako dun. Natural kasi akong madaldal, conversant. Ayoko ng “quiet moments” dahil feeling ko nag-aagawan ang mga emosyon sa aking sistema. I always try to fill an awkward silence. Remember the cliché “Silence has the loudest voice“? Totoo palang nakakabingi ang katahimikan. Pero nakakabingi lang iyon kung hindi ka handang makinig.

palms-clock Time. Gaano karami meron ka nito para sa mga taong mahal mo? Minsan sinasabi natin na pinapahalagahan natin ang ating pamilya. Importante sila sa atin kaya ibibigay natin ang anumang bagay na magdudulot sa kanila ng kasiyahan. Kung hihingin nila ang kaunting oras mo para sa isang pampamilyang salu-salo kapalit ng overtime na itinawag ng boss mo kahit na alam niyang restday mo, alin ang pipiliin mo? Namimiss ko na ang dalawang anghel ko. Napakaraming oras na ang nasayang ko sa kabanata ng buhay nila kapalit ng trabaho, kaibigan at mga walang kuwentang bagay. Hindi ko na sila kilala ngayon.

Kung may isang taong magsasabi sa iyo na ikaw ay bobo at tanga, maniniwala ka ba? Kung maniniwala ka pagkatapos ay magmumukmok sa tabi para magself-pity, bobo at tanga ka nga. Walang gamot dun. Kahit ilang pain reliever o analgesic ang inumin mo, hindi maaalis nun ‘yung sakit na idudulot nun sa sarili mo. Ngayon, kung maniniwala ka pagkatapos ay babangon para patunayan na ang kabobohan at katangahan mo ay bunga lang ng maling paghusga sa pagkatao mo, at ang nagsabi sa iyo noon ay mas bobo at tanga dahil sa ginawang paghuhusga sa iyo, magdiwang ka. Dahil ipupusta ko sa iyo, pagsisisihan niya ang araw na inilabas ng mabahong niyang bibig ang mga salitang iyon.

Kanina pa ko paikot-ikot sa blogosperyo. Pabasa-basa lang at kung hindi kailangan magkomento ay mas pinipili kong manahimik. Sa dami na kasi ng mga nag-advice, nag-explain, nag-kuwento, at nagpahaging, malamang ay parang inulit ko lang din ang mga sinabi nila. Mas masarap na namnamin ko na lang muna ang sustansyang dala ng kanilang mga entry.

Ang sa aki’y random thoughts lamang.

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.


Here’s to Friendship!

After a rainy weekend, muli na namang nagpasikat si Haring Araw. Ilang araw din na nagcloud seeding ang air force (opo, ganyan kayaman ang Singapore na pati ang ulan ay ginagawang hi-tech) kaya noong Linggo ay parang binagyo na naman ang Singapore. Palibhasa’y malapit sa ekwador kaya medyo may kadalangan ang pag-ulan sa bansang ito. Bumbunan ko lang yata ang di nabasa sa tindi ng bagsak ng ulan, na nakisabay pa sa Palm Sunday. Isang pagbabasbas, ika nga. At umatend po ako ng Sunday Mass kaya ako ay nabasbasan din ng biyaya. :)


Dahil nga maganda ang panahon ngayon, na-thrill akong gawin ang isa pang blog award na aking natanggap mula kay tukayong beautilicious AC na medyo napending na rin sa aking kaha de yero. Thank you po ulit for considering me as one of your friendly bloggers. Apir tayo sister!

Medyo may pressure ang award na ito dahil kailangan ko daw i-install yung photo ko (pramis install talaga yung sabi sa rule, mababasa niyo mamaya. di ko lang alam kung exe o dmg file ang gagamitin ko sa pag-install. joke! hehehe). Sa aking pagkakaalam ay isang beses ko pa lang naman naipaskel ang aking magandang mukha *ubo-ubo* pero grupo pa ‘yun dahil gusto kong may misteryo akong maiwan sa inyo. Sa award na ‘to, mukhang mapapasubo yata ako. Pfft!

Here are the rules for this award :

1. Take a Photo or install one now . (aheks! sabi ko sa inyo eh :D)
2. Do not change clothes,do not trim the hair, the main image is to be captured (we want to see the real you…he..he..) .
3. Post a picture that is in edit.
4. Post these instructions (required).
5. Tag people to show appreciation to them that touch your heart because of their friendly attitude (required).

expiredAng challenge ng blog na ito (talagang challenge ito) ay maipakita mo ang iyong tunay beautyness/handsomeness sa madlang people without putting on make-up or fixing your hair or even changing your dugyot clothes to a cool outfit. So kung mukha kang nireyp ng sampung tomador habang ginagawa mo ang entry ay talaga namang malas kang tulad ko (sabagay, wala naman makakaalam kung magbabagong-anyo ka. hihihi!). So here’s my latest, unedited photo. May expiration ang picture na ito kaya kabisaduhin niyo na ang aking mukha at baka ako na pala ang dyumidyekwat ng bag niyo ay di niyo pa alam. Kuha ito habang ginagawa ko ang entry na ito. Hindi pa ko naliligo kaya dugyot ang itsura ko dyan.

expiredHere’s another photo but this time I look better. Nakaligo at nakapagsuklay na ko niyan. Kuha ito nung Sabado habang kami ay nasa bus stop na malapit sa aming block. Papunta kami ng Lucky Plaza (ang mall na tambayan ng karamihan sa mga Pinoy dito sa SG) sa Orchard Rd. para mag-remit ng pera sa Pinas. Sa tabi ko ay ang aking bodyguard na abala sa paglalaro ng PSP. Napatagal ang dating ng bus at sa kainipan ay napekchur-pekchur muna ako. Muli, may expiration ang pekchur na ito. :)

At ito po ay aking ipinapasa sa lahat ng nasa aking blogroll.

Thank you for making me smile, frown, mad, happy, excited, confused, perplexed etc, etc…

I keep my friends as misers do their treasure, because, of all the things granted us by wisdom, none is greater or better than friendship.

Pietro Aretino (1537)


Guilty as Charged


Hypocrisy - the practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess; falseness.

Nang ma-discover ng mga archeologist ang Sepphoris, ang Jewish capital ng Galilee noong Roman period (bata pa lang noon si Bro a.k.a. Jesus), they also found out that it housed a giant amphitheater. The actors who put on play there were called hypokrites. They wore masks so that the audience could identify the different characters each was intended to portray. Pagkatapos ng play, aalisin ng mga aktor ang kanilang maskara at sila ay papalakpan ng mga manonood. So practising hypocrisy means wearing a mask designed to impress or deceive others.

Pasintabi sa paniniwala ng ilan sa mga ka-blog na may ibang relihiyon, but this is something we should reflect on not only because it’s the season of Lent. What I am about to share is very much applicable to our daily life and whether you like it or not, isa sa mga ito ay maaring tumama rin sa iyo. Maging sa akin.

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Facing My Own Tragedy

Every human being on this earth is born with a tragedy, and it isn’t original sin. He’s born with the tragedy that he has to grow up…a lot of people don’t have the courage to do it.

- Helen Hayes


Thank you LORD for another year of hardships and struggles;

for another year of heartaches and failures…

It’s quite a rough journey but I’ve never been better.


It’s time to face my own tragedy.

Sorry for the long delay.

How about you?


Über Amazing Friends

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.

I was quite snobbish when I was younger, reason why I had few friends too. Sabi nila, ang hirap ko daw lapitan dahil ang sungit at ang taray ko. I tried to change my attitude when I went to high school. I thought it’s about time for me to mingle with peers and meet new friends, or create a new world with them. Hindi naman ako nabigo. Marami akong nakilala at naging kaibigan. That’s the time I started to realize that friends are brothers and sisters too. That when you show them respect and earn their trust because you revealed to them your true self, you can be great friends. Mga kaibigan na makakasama mo sa iba’t ibang panahon, iba’t ibang pagkakataon at iba’t ibang adbentyurs. Mga kaibigan na masusubukan mo sa panahon ng pangangailangan at kalungkutan; sa panahon ng depresyon na kahit hindi ka magsalita ay alam mong andiyan lagi sa tabi mo at handang makinig. Na kahit nasaan ka man ay hindi ka makakalimutan at mananatili ka sa kanilang isipan.


Iba na nga ang mundo ngayon. Masyado nang technical at virtual. Pero sa panahon nang makabagong teknolohiya ay makakatagpo ka pa rin ng maituturing mong “kaibigan” na hindi mo man pisikal na makilala ay alam mong tatanggapin ka dahil sa IKAW ay IKAW. Ito ang aking bagong mundo, ang mundo ng BLOGOSPERYO. At salamat sa inyo na hindi nag-atubiling tanggapin ang isang ENJOY sa inyong sariling bahay at buhay sa kabila nang pagkukubli ng aking pisikal na katauhan.



Dahil dito ay muli na naman akong nakatanggap ng isang award…


This blog award is given to sites that:

  • inspire you
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  • or maybe give amazing information
  • a great read
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I would like to thank Super Gulaman for this prestigious Über Award, for acknowledging my presence in this industry, and for believing in me and in my talent. Thank you to all my blogger and non-blogger friends and to my supporters. Thank you to my family for the inspiration, and to the God above for not giving up on me…

To my sponsor, UK2 and Aling Paz for my hair and make-up… many thanks.

To everybody and to the creator of this award… aylabyah ol!

May rule din ang award na ito tulad ng…

* Copy the badge and put the logo on your blog sidebar or post.

  • Nominate at least 5 blogs (can be more) that for you are Uber Amazing!
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pero mas pipiliin ko rin na i-award ito sa lahat ng nasa blogroll ko dahil para sa akin, lahat sila ay may kaukulang talento at galing sa iba’t ibang larangan. Walang tulak-kabigin.

Lahat kayo ay sadyang ÜBER AMAZING!

People say…

true love never dies…

Do you believe in this? Sabi nila gaano man daw katagal na panahon ang lumipas, marami ng daraan at mangyayari sa buhay mo, pero kahit kelan hindi mo pa rin makakalimutan ang iyong “one true love”. Maaari kang magmahal ng iba, ibibigay mo ang lahat ng iyong makakaya for that relationship to work, pero kailanman hindi nun kayang pantayan ang pagmamahal na ipinadama at naramdaman mo sa iyong true love.

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a sketch of true self


I prefer drawing than talking. Drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies.

Author – Le Corbusier

Ang plano ko sana ay lumiban muna sa pagsulat ngayong araw na ito. Mabigat pa rin kasi ang aking nararamdaman patungkol sa maraming bagay. Naglibot-libot ako sa blogosperyo sa pag-asang makakahanap ako ng pansamantalang karamay sa nararamdam ko. Umaasa rin ako na baka makatisod ako ng isang masayang blog na magbabalik ng aking saya kahit sandali lang pero nabigo ako. Hindi ko alam kung bilog ba ang buwan at damay-damay ang pagiging emosyonal ng mga blogero ngayon. Hindi ako makapag-komento dahil alam kong wala rin naman akong matinong masasabi. Mas lalong mahirap ang magpaka-ipokrita that everything is fine and I’m capable of giving good advices or sharing inspiring words. Until I stumbled upon Dylan’s.

Magaling akong magtago ng totoong nararamdaman ko na sa tingin ko ay hindi magandang gawain ng matinong tao. I can easily fake my smile, my laughter. But deep inside I’m bleeding. Kung minsan matigas pa rin talaga ang ulo ko, pero napapansin kong parang mas matigas pa ang puso ko. Kung minsan, parang feeling ko nawawala pa. – excerpt from Dylan’s blog, “Untitled”

Malakas ang tama sa akin nung sinabi niya. Kasi akung-ako ‘yun. Simula ng mag-teenager ako, natutunan ko nang itago sa tao ang tunay na nararamdaman ko. Magaling akong artisa. Kaya kong paikutin ang nasa paligid ko ayon sa gusto kong mangyari. Madalang akong maglahad ng problema at kung mangyari man ‘yun ay mabibilang ko lang sa daliri, at mabibilang ko lang rin ang mga taong sinasabihan ko. I don’t often get a pat on the back, ’cause most of the time, ako ang nagbibigay nun sa kanila. Aaminin ko na, I find it hard to heed other people’s advice pero di naman laging ganun. Opinionated kasi akong tao. May sariling paniniwala. Sabi nga nila, matigas ang ulo ko na kahit yata adobe ang ipukpok ay mauuna pang madurog ang adobe sa tigas ng bungo ko. Magaling pa rin akong artista hanggang ngayon. Yet this time, it’s more dramatic.

sa totoo lang, nakaka-overwhelm yung comments ninyong lahat. suddenly na-realise ko na naging harsh ako sa sitwasyon. bugso ng damdamin at sa paghahangad na mailabas ko ang nararamdaman ko sa paraang alam ko. sa paraang malaya at walang takot na baka matapos ang paghahayag ay kalimutan at iwanan ako ng kapwa ko blogger o kung sino man ang makakabasa nito.

Ito ang reply ko kay Mike Avenue sa kanyang naging komento. This is the only way I know to unload my burdens, through blogging. Dahil dito lang ako malayang makakapaghayag ng saloobin ko ng walang halong pagkukunwari. Sa ganitong paraan lang ako hindi artista.

Ilang ulit kong pinakinggan ang profile music ni Dylan habang malayang bumabagsak ang luha sa mga mata ko. I let myself drown in tears. I cried like I’ve never cried before.

Give me your hand to hold
‘Cause I can’t stand to love alone
And love alone is not enough to hold us up
We’ve got to touch your robe
So swing your robe down low
Swing your robe down low

Pagkalipas ng sampung taon, nagawa ko ulit gumuhit. Wala pang ilang minuto ay natapos ko agad ang isang sketch na naglalarawan ng nararamdaman ko ngayon.


Hindi Ako Astig


Ang hirap talagang magpakasaya sa mga panahong dinadaluyong ng bagyo ang buhay mo. Pinipilit kong tumawa at ipagwalang-bahala ang ilang mga problema sa buhay ko ngayon pero para yatang nanadya ang tadhana at pilit sinusubukan ang tigas ng mukha ko. Minsan iniisip ko tuloy, ano bang meron ako at trip na trip akong paglaruan ng panahon? Tingin ba niya ay isa akong Super Woman na kayang pantayan maging ang lakas ni Super G? Mahina rin ako. Walang matibay na lakas. Isinusuko rin ako ng sarili kong katinuan.

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Über sa Kilig Love Quotes

Listen to this song: Secret Garden by Bruce Springteen

Uy! Five days na lang pala at heart’s day na. Mabenta na naman ang love notes, e-cards [naks! hi-tech!], bouquet of flowers, at sokoleyts ngayon. At shempre pa, dapat may sweetness ang mga messages para lalong mainlab ang pagbibigyan mo. Magpapahuli ba ang mga quotes na pinasikat ng mga peborit movies natin? Of course not! Kaya nga eto at ikinolekta kita para naman may maisingit ka kahit pano sa message mo para kay honey, ‘leng, swithart, bebe, ma/pa, o kahit ano pa ang tawag mo sa kanya. He-he-he! Take a look… :)

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When The Right One Comes Along…

Lips Of An Angel by Hinder

Mahal ko siya but I’m already committed. Kung dumating lang sana agad siya…

Dahil love month pa rin, gusto ko munang abusuhin [tulad ni superG at dylan] ang buwan na ito at mag-post ng mga kuwentong pag-ibig – fiction man o true-to-life. Sa pagba-blog hopping ko kasi at pakikipag-bonding sa mga kikay friends ko ay maraming istorya na rin akong nasagap. Tulad din ng ibang mga kakosa natin dito sa blogosphere, madalas na rin akong hingan ng opinyon at payo sa mga bagay-bagay about love. Kung minsan nga, gusto ko na nga humingi ng consultation fee. Aba! Mahirap din yata mag-isip at magbigay ng mga straight na payo ha. Minsan mapapaisip ka pa kung ang mga payo na ‘yun ay naa-apply mo sa personal mong buhay. Tulad na lang ng topic ko ngayon. Third Party.

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